FreeRice: improve vocabulary while feeding the hungry

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I actually found this on Snopes. They say it’s true, so I’m inclined to believe it, since they tend to be well researched, and information there is accurate. It’s called FreeRice and basically you answer vocabulary questions. For each question you get right, 20 grains of rice get donated. I guess this is the one time advertisers seem worth something. The great part is you can use it for vocabulary expansion too. I guess the point is, it’s something I believe is actually real (as hoax-ish as it seems), it’s beneficial to the user (can be used to work on vocabulary), and it has the added benefit that it’s charitable.

Another cause to consider right now during the holidays is the American Red Cross. They are desperate for blood. I was always scared of needles but way back in my senior year I decided to try it when they came to our school that semester. Ever since, I donate every time I can. Unfortunately the eating disorder has taken away from a lot of that. But anybody who is eligible really should consider it. I miss donating and I hate having to tell them when they call that I still can’t come in.



  1. withlovebyli said,

    Hey, thanks for the FreeRice links. I think I’ll try that. Sounds fun. This coming from a girl who reads the dictionary for fun, though! lol

    I think it’s every 56 days that you can donate blood. I’m eligible again early Jan. and yep, I’m hitting the Canadian Blood Services. It’s also a great way for me to get used to blood as I’m going to be working with for my future career.

    It seems silly but one of the amazing things after recovering from an ED, donating blood was a huge accomplishment for me, so I understand why you feel bad that you can’t right now. You will eventually, I just know it!



  2. Ron Horton said,

    Its nice to view your site. It contains a good information on Vocabulary. Few days back when Iam searching on Vocabulary I’ve gone through one site which may be useful to you. Just have a look.

  3. kitty said,

    Yep, free rice is legit- it’s plastered everywhere all over my school. I really wanted to donate blood.. but I cant because IM TOO FUCKING LIGHT. In Canada atleast you have to be atleast 110pounds. Im fucking 90 and there is no way im gaining 20. Oh wel…

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